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My name is Ambrose Coleman. I want to first introduce myself + share my vision with you! 

Full transparency, you and I aren't in competition with each other. I don't want to steal from your business. Quite the opposite. I want to help you protect + strengthen your business. 

Why? Look at the top professions, doctors, lawyers, engineers they all have one thing in common_ they know how to utilize consultants within their own field.  

What? Collaboration! They wisely understand they can't be all things to their athletes/clients. Smart coaches understand how to add value to their business by using consultants as a valued add resource. 

My vision is simple: help sport-specific coaches protect their bottomline. Whenever your athletes/clients have muscle + movement problems creating pain patterns + limiting the way they run, lift, jump, swing, throw + compete_ they struggle, become frustrated + unhappy.

This clearly is a problem. If it continues long enough, they start to miss workouts or even worst stop training all together. This wreaks havoc on your bottomline. 


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