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The preferred way to train athletes

Every coach, training facility designates their preferred way to train + develop athletes. The cool thing, there isn't a set standard for accomplishing this task. Some coaches prefer group style, it gives them the flexibility to program one training lesson for multiple athletes. Others like myself, prefer an individualized style, building different protocols for each athlete. This is more time consuming + challenging. Honestly, I've used both delivery strategies. Now, that I use data + analytics as the separator to guide every level within my decision-making process_ it's extremely simple for me to customize training protocols more efficiently for multiple athletes.

This approach only makes sense: 1) athletes have limited time to dedicate to outside training, so precision is critical 2) athletes anatomy is continually undergoing changes from a biological to biomechanical level. Therefore, without any warning, muscles can shift altering flexibility, balance, stability, mobility, coordination, strength, speed + power levels. One way, to stay on track, muscle testing. By continuously capturing data on athletes, as a coach, I can stay on top of muscular needs from athlete to athlete, instead of making universal decisions.

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