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70% of all athletes DO NOT use their kinetic chain efficiently

only inefficient movement patterns fabricate injuries

only efficient movement patterns evolve performance

happens at all 5 levels:

(1) little league

(2) middle school

(3) high school

(4) college

(5) professional

In 2019, we still have this fantasy belief about athletes being pulled off the shelf, boxed and ready, somehow being a complete package ready to compete

The data just doesn’t show this to be true. What we overlook is the ability to evolve athletes over time. The bulk of mindsets are fixated on doing advanced level things instead of doing

foundational level things. Volunteer coaches who get involved at the little league level are primarily interested in doing what their favorite college programs are doing

Most high school coaches expect athletes to come in prepped/developed, ready to go by this point. Parents seek out speciality coaches to train their athletes on the higher level positional

specific mechanics specific to the athletes sport

Athletes are learning how to use their kinetic chains at higher force & velocity output which mean higher levels of muscular and tissue demands generated by the young athlete’s anatomy

Leaving very little time to develop the strength and movement values which are foundational for creating durability factors in bones, joints, ligaments, and soft tissues

This will lead to issues not at the younger age, rather in the middle school to high school transitional age. What is literally happening, the athlete is burning through their durability tolerance capacity at an accelerated rate. Learning how to compensate by using substitution patterns to generate higher muscle power output, and faulty kinetic chain movement patterns to simulate higher stabilization, higher force, and higher velocity

Erosion starts on day one but the slow effects of destruction doesn’t reveal itself until day 1000. Athletes wake up get out of bed unable to recover from what seems to be a normal week of competing. Going through typical practices, lessons, drills, and activities at their normal pace but now they can’t seem to shake this tightness or pain. Their performance seem to rapidly deteriorate and no matter how hard they try they can’t seem to pull it together. This gets into their head, confidence drops and they turn into a basket case

One of the primary reductions the kinetic chain will do is what we call the drop down effect. Because of it’s survival mandate, it will not stop function altogether it will only give athletes access to lower level function. This literally mean they can only use a reduced amount of force & velocity compared to what they are used to [insert link to graphic]

Only inefficient movement patterns fabricate injury factors. The kinetic chain has one job: protection and performance. Translation, performance is a byproduct of protection. So if an athlete is able to perform at a high level on a consistent basis it is because there is a high degree of protection at the neural level. The moment the neural level feels stressed/strained it will reduce performance potentiation

How do we evolve an athletes performance potentiation? Simple, understand what actually stimulates performance. If we use the protection/performance development model their are 5 biomotor components: coordination, stabilization, strength & power, mobility & flexibility, and force application. These 5 components are the amalgamation which allows an athlete to express: speed, athleticism, and technical movement proficiency in a sports environment

When an athlete doesn’t spend time first developing/refining these 5 biomotor components their protection/performance capability will eventually suffer. Protection/performance are highly neurological. We can ignore the data all we want and rely on the premise good athletes are born [meaning they are complete and all ready maxed out on ability & skill acquisition]. This just doesn't seem to be a very intelligent way think; huh

Q: which one is most important: positional lessons, compete on a travel team, or protection/performance development? There is only so much time and money. What should I focus on?

A: all four are important. Neither one is more valuable over the other. Fact, there is no simple path. When you signed your athlete up to play sports you automatically signed up for investment and time management. Just realize whatever you overemphasize will create a gap and lead to consequences at some point. No, there isn’t an injury proof, fail safe approach when dealing with athletes. The aim is to evolve. Always attempt to make athletes strong and not safe. Think about it this way: the stronger the foundation, more position specific skills can be built on top to compete in both rec/school and travel team levels. It isn’t excuse enough to blame limited time or money. To be a good athlete, it takes what it takes.

We must evolve

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